Made to Burn ridden by Paris Oliver-Tubner

Sunny Lights Up The Show Ring

Registered as Made to Burn, but fondly known as sunny, the now 11-year-old, never made it to the racetrack, but with Paris Oliver-Tubner he now has several breed and show horse ribbons to his name.

Paris has been riding Sunny for just over a year now and in this short time they have grown into an incredible partnership.

Sunny came to Paris having dabbled in eventing, pony club and a few breed shows with his owner Kimm Haydock.

“Towards the end of 2018 Kimm Haydock made a joke about me leasing him after she had had a particularly difficult ride,” Paris said.

“I jumped at the opportunity, as I had met him five years prior and have always had my eye on him.”

Paris took the initiative to invest in a little help to ensure they were set up for success; both Bayley Thomas and Estelle Lindsey have guided the pair in their journey.

“Having these two coaches has helped achieve my goals so much faster, in only a few short months we hit that right canter and have never looked back,” Paris said.

“I especially love having a coach that knows standardbreds inside and out, and I also love having another coach that doesn’t see his breed as a reason why he can’t perform.”

Paris says the trademark standardbred trot takes a little time to balance, but once they have it, it’s truly amazing.

“They’re such quick learners too, once they’ve got it- they’ve got it!” she said.

Standardbreds are known for their calm, considered temperaments and solid builds. Paris says Sunny is a great representation of these qualities, making him an ideal show horse.

“His biggest strength is having the power and presence to look good enough and flash enough for showing, while not getting hot or worked up,” Paris said.

“You’re usually resigned to the fact that a flashy horse that performs will probably be quite hot and excitable – but not Sunny! Calm, cool and collected.”

Sunny reignited Paris’s passion for riding.

“He helps nurture me when I’m struggling, and he makes goals feel obtainable,” Paris said.

“He genuinely brings out the best in me, and I feel like I am always grinning like the Cheshire Cat when I’m riding him!”

While Paris and Sunny shine in the show ring, Paris says she enjoys their time together most when they’re relaxing at the beach on a hot day.

“I cannot pass up the beach – you’ll catch us at Naval Base at least twice a week during summer.” She said

And for the future?

“Short term, we are entering our first proper walk trot and canter shows this year, so I hope we do well. Mid term, we want to attend and enjoy the Perth Royal Show. Long term, perhaps a few shows over east may be on the books. You just never know! Sunny makes me feel like its achievable!” Paris said.

“No matter what I ask, he will perform to the best of his abilities. ”

Keep an eye out for Paris and Sunny in the show ring in 2020 and beyond.

  • Made to Burn Standardbred

    Credit to Sherri Wightman Photography

  • Sunny at the Diamond Hacking and Dressage series

    Sunny at the Diamond Hacking and Dressage series

  • Sunny the Standardbred enjoys the beach

    Sunny the Standardbred enjoys the beach Credit to Vickiphotos