OTTWA Retraining Program

The OTTWA Retraining Program encompasses the OTTWA Estate and a network of retrainers with the skills and experience to help racehorses transition to new careers as pleasure or performance horses.

Horses are vet checked and assessed for their suitability for the program before being accepted. They are then allocated to an OTTWA Retrainer with the appropriate expertise for tailored re-education to make the most of each horse’s natural aptitude in preparation for sale.

Up to 12 horses can be in training at a time, with others cared for at the estate until a place is available.

The OTTWA Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator and the OTTWA Retrainers match horses and riders based on the information supplied by potential buyers in their expression of interest.

The program complements established pathways for rehoming racehorses when they retire from the track. The OTTWA Retraining Program give priority to horses which may be more challenging to rehome, such as those in remote areas.


The OTTWA Retraining Program has the capacity to retrain 12 horses at a time. In addition, the OTTWA Estate can accommodate other horses in preparation to begin retraining when a position is available.

Both thoroughbreds and standardbreds can be accepted, following an application process to ensure to OTTWA Retraining Program is a suitable pathway for the horse. Acceptance is based on a range of factors such as spelling period, location, soundness and condition, plus a veterinary assessment.

Trainers and owners are encouraged to continue using established rehoming pathways.

Before applying to the program, please read the guidelines below on the application process, the acceptance criteria and terms and conditions.

Acceptance Criteria & Terms & Conditions Application Form FAQs How to Apply



Potential buyers submit an expression of interest, which the OTTWA Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator and the OTTWA Retrainers use to match horses with disciplines and riders that suit them. If there is no good fit among the horses available at the time of interest, the application is kept on file for future horses coming through the Retraining Program.

Buyers are matched with the most appropriate horse based on their experience and requirements. When viewing a horse in the program, potential buyers are encouraged to try the horse more than once, so the horse and rider combination can be assessed for suitability.

Ongoing support and advice are provided to new owners, including access to educational material and events, such as OTTWA clinics.

Expression of Interest Form


Off the Track WA has a cohort of OTTWA Retrainers, who work with the horses on the skills and experiences required to begin their new equestrian pursuits.

The Retrainers are selected for their experience, particularly in training off the track thoroughbreds and standardbreds. Their diverse backgrounds and preferred disciplines provide a range of suitable skillsets for the variety of horses accepted into the program.

Brocklesby Equestrian

Team Brocklesby consists of trainer, Alan Campbell, and professional rider, Tegan Cook. Between them, Tegan and Alan have a combined experience of more than 60 years in the horse industry, exhibiting long term success in the field of training, producing, and selling competition horses.

Alan and Tegan have experience starting and breaking in horses, as well as then furthering their education to be confident to enter and succeed in the competition arena. Tegan and Alan hold high standards of professionalism – a key to their sustained success over many years.

This pair are renowned for producing horses into eventers, as both have competed up to an international level. However, they also regularly compete and train in dressage and show jumping to ensure the horses are given the best opportunity to succeed in their second careers. Tegan Cook has produced many talented eventers out of retired racehorses, with her most recent candidates being Platoon, earner of over $800,000 on the racetrack, and She Skates, who raced once and has since proven to be a much more competitive eventer. Under Tegan and Alan’s guidance, retired racehorses are established and prepared for their future careers after racing.

Facebook: | Instagram: @brocklesby_equestrian

Oakford Equestrian

Owned and operated by renowned horseman, Michael Dagostino, Oakford Equestrian has a level of experience second to none in the selection, training, competing and selling of retired racehorses.

Michael Dagastino and his family are long-time participants within the racing industry, along with being a dedicated competitors in several disciplines, such as eventing, polo, show jumping and show horse.

Michael himself has competed up to the highest levels in Eventing across Australia and continues to compete regularly upon his team of retired racehorses, such as The Mentalist.

The Oakford Equestrian facility comprises of 200 acres and has an extensive range of facilities which allow the off the track horses to have a unique opportunity to experience a range of different environments. Michael and his team at Oakford Equestrian specialize in ensuring off the track horses are exposed to a variety of scenarios, and in doing so, set horses up well for their lives after racing.

Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @oakfordequestrian

Lyndam Park

Growing up around the trotting tracks alongside her father, Linda Brenzi has been riding horses since she was merely three years old. Outgrowing ponies quickly, Linda graduated onto riding her first thoroughbred at eleven years old and has remained doing so ever since.

Heavily involved in show horse, Linda has competed up to State and National level, winning several Horse of the Year titles and Perth Royal Show Championships. Throughout this time, Linda has sourced and ridden many off the track horses, turning them into competitive performance horses.

Linda has worked as a clerk of the course for Perth Racing and Racing and Wagering WA for several years now, utilizing off the track horses as her chosen mount. Linda has a team of three retired racehorses in which she rotates through for this position and has found that they are all intelligent and hard-working horses both on and off the track. Having direct access to horses throughout their careers, Linda is often asked to source potential competition mounts from the racehorses following their retirement.

Alongside colleague, Jade Tangaroa, Linda has assisted in the rehoming of many retired racehorses through their Rehome a Racehorse service. Linda is a passionate horsewoman with a firm dedication towards rehoming retired racehorses. Linda has a wealth of experience handling horses both on and off the track, and in doing so, the knowledge to provide horses with the best opportunities to excel in their new careers.

Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @lyndampark

Ellison Park

Tim and Tracey Ellis own and operate Ellison Park, a beautiful 115-acre property in Hopeland, dedicated to the training of horses. This property is designed and set-up with the re-education of off the track horses in mind, allowing them to transition from racehorses into future eventers and show jumpers.

Tracey Ellis has been riding since the age of nine, where she rode at Kojonup and King River Pony Club. Tracey grew up under the watchful eye of Olympian, Sonja Johnson, and has competed up to three-star in eventing; this includes competing at one of Australia’s largest events, Melbourne International Three-Day Event.

Tim Ellis has been riding since the age of five, attending pony club and then progressing up to compete upon the Senior Eventing Squad. Tim has many accolades to his name in the eventing scene and has been the Rider Representative and a member of the State Eventing Squad for many years. Tim also served five years as a mounted policeman, holding the position of Patrol and Trainer Officer. Whilst an officer, Tim retrained retired racehorse, Blackhaven, to go on to win the WA Police Horse Event at the Perth Royal Show only nine months following his retirement from racing. Tim has also competed at Melbourne and Adelaide Three-Day Events.

Together, Tim and Tracey have combined their talents to establish Ellison Park Equestrian Centre. Tim and Tracey have a wealth of knowledge between them to take retired racehorses off the track and turn them into show jumping and eventing mounts in their off the track careers.

Website: | Facebook: | Instagram: @ellison.park


For more information or assistance, please the contact Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator by email at or call 9445 5371.