OTTWA Retraining Program

The OTTWA Retraining Program encompasses the OTTWA Estate and a network of OTTWA Official Retrainers, who will work to provide retired racehorses with the necessary skills and experiences needed to transition from racing to their second career as a pleasure or performance horse.

Horses accepted into the program will undergo an evaluation upon arrival at the Estate, before being allocated to an Official Retrainer, where they will commence retraining and education in preparedness for sale.

The program endeavours to complement already established pathways for rehoming retired racehorses, with priority given to horses which may be more challenging to rehome, for example those in remote areas.

Prior to applying to the program, please ensure you read through the below guidelines on how to apply, and familiarise yourself with the acceptance criteria and terms and conditions, to ensure the program is suitable for your horse.

How To Apply Acceptance Criteria & Terms & Conditions Application Form FAQs


OTTWA Official Retrainers

A selection process is currently underway to recruit OTTWA Official Retrainers, with the process expected to be completed by the end of August 2020.

Once the selection process is complete, you will be able to find out information about each Official Retrainer on our website.

If you have a query regarding the OTTWA Retraining Program, are seeking more information, or require assistance with your application, please contact:

Suzy Jackson
Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator
9445 5371