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OTTWA Retraining Program

The OTTWA Retraining Program encompasses the OTTWA Estate and a network of OTTWA Official Retrainers, who will work to provide retired racehorses with the necessary skills and experiences needed to transition from racing to their second career as a pleasure or performance horse.

Horses accepted into the program will undergo an evaluation upon arrival at the Estate, before being allocated to an Official Retrainer, where they will commence retraining and education in preparedness for sale.

The program endeavours to complement already established pathways for rehoming retired racehorses, with priority given to horses which may be more challenging to rehome, for example those in remote areas.

Prior to applying to the program, please ensure you read through the below guidelines on how to apply, and familiarise yourself with the acceptance criteria and terms and conditions, to ensure the program is suitable for your horse.

How To Apply Acceptance Criteria & Terms & Conditions Application Form FAQs EOI To Buy OTTWA Horse


OTTWA Official Retrainers

Off the Track WA is pleased to announce the selection of the Official Retrainers, who will work with the horses transitioning through the OTTWA Retraining Program, to provide them with the required skills and experiences to commence in their new roles in equestrian or pleasure pursuits.

Selected for their experience in training horses, particularly off the track Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, the diverse backgrounds and preferred disciplines will provide a range of suitable skillsets for the variety of horses which will be accepted into the program.

If you have a query regarding the OTTWA Retraining Program, are seeking more information, or require assistance with your application, please contact:

Suzy Jackson
Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator
9445 5371

AMT Equestrian

Andrew and Maike Turnbull share a love and passion for helping horses get along better with people and helping horse owners to become more connected, skillful and understanding with horses. Together Andrew and Maike have a unique skill set to empower horse owners to deepen their relationship with their horse and progress on their horsemanship journey.

Each year they ride and train their own horses with world renowned horsemen and women and learn from other professionals to continuously build on their knowledge, skills and awareness.

AMT Equestrian work with all breeds of horses, many of which include Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds both off the track, and older horses requiring re-training and resolving of behavioural issues.

The majority of training is undertaken by Andrew and AMT Equestrian staff member Char Jones, while Maike looks after the health and welfare of the horses.

Bayley Thomas

Bayley has been involved with horses since her early childhood and has worked with racehorses since adolescence.  Bayley has also pursued her interests in other equestrian disciplines with her own horses, trained horses and coached riders.

Bayley has a Certificate III in Equine Management and continues professional development through regular participation in clinics with highly reputable local, inter-State and international coaches and trainers.

Specialising with standardbreds, Bayley applies her professional skills and experience to identify behavioural issues in horses and resolve them in an acceptable, safe and effective manner.

Bayley was the inaugural winner of the Ladies in Pacing Welfare Award, for her tireless efforts in the rehoming of racehorses post retirement.

Brocklesby Contracting

Team Brocklesby consists of trainer Alan Campbell and rider Tegan Cook. They have a combined experience of more than 60 years, exhibiting long term success in the field of training, producing and selling competition horses from beginner mounts to elite competition horses.

They have experience starting and breaking in horses then furthering their education to be confident to enter and succeed in the competition arena. Tegan and Alan hold high standards of professionalism – a key to their sustained success over a number of years.

Eventing is the main discipline Alan and Tegan produce horses in, both competing to an International level, however they also compete in dressage and show jumping to ensure the horses are given the best opportunity to succeed when competing in the three phases of eventing.


Gielen Performance Horses

Madi’s experience with retired racehorses started 10 years ago, when she was given her first horse an off the track thoroughbred.

Madi brings her strong jumping and eventing skillset to the retraining program. With her experience as an NCAS Level One Coach and member of the EWA High Performance Squad, Madi has produced many off the track horses into high level performance mounts. As an FEI 3 Star Event Rider, Madi has ridden up to advanced dressage and has obtained many notable achievements, most recently the winning the Highest Placed OTT in the 2020 Equestrian in The Park Diamond Class.

One of the things Madi loves most about the sport is being able to witness the training and improvements of the horse and rider behind the scenes as well as at competitions. She brings this passion and positive attitude to her retraining.

Oakford Equestrian

Owned and operated by Michael Dagostino, Oakford Equestrian has a level of experience second to none in selecting, training, competing and selling off the track horses.

Michael is a very experienced equestrian competitor and has competed in many different equestrian sports including official showing (hacking), dressage, show jumping, polocrosse and polo.

Michael’s favourite equestrian pursuit is eventing and he has built-up a very successful team of horses and is currently ranked 222nd in the world.   In 2019 he achieved his dream of completing the Adelaide 5 star event position (which is one of only five Olympic level events held in the world every year) and with a great result – ninth.

The Oakford Equestrian facility comprises of 200 acres and has an extensive range of facilities which will allow the off the track horses to have a unique opportunity to experience a range of different environments, which will be a significant advantage in their training and long-term education.

TJS Equestrian

Located in the Perth Hills, TJS Equestrian Services offers the perfect place for horses to start their dressage career or any chosen discipline, to work through problems or train for the next big event.

​Tyla has been riding since the age of 4, starting her horse journey enjoying all sorts of disciplines. In her younger years she focused on eventing, however, now has a strong background is dressage.

Different horses along the way have influenced Tyla’s training methods and taught her many things, but most of all they have taught her to work hard for what you want, and never give up. Tyla believes a good rider makes a good horse, you do not have to have a great horse to be a good rider.