Avenues for Rehoming a Racehorse

There are many avenues available for rehoming your racehorse once it retires, including options where the horse remains within the racing industry, or where it moves on to equestrian or pleasure pursuits. The pathway chosen will depend on the suitability of each individual horse, however some common options include:

  • Direct to stud or returned to breeder
  • Industry sales
  • Sale direct from racing
  • Retrained for equestrian or pleasure pursuits prior to sale

Off the Track WA (OTTWA) provides support for thoroughbred and standardbred horses exiting the racing industry, through sale direct from racing or by retraining prior to sale.

OTTWA also provide ongoing support for owners who have purchased a retired racehorse by facilitating and hosting clinics and events, providing owners with educational materials to support their ownership journey, as well as access to a recommended panel of coaches with experience with retired racehorses.

Sale direct from racing

Looking to sell a retired racehorse? OTTWA is here to help with a dedicated buy and sell page where your horse can be listed until a suitable buyer is found. Simply provide the information requested on this form, including pictures of your horse, and OTTWA will do the rest, at no cost to you.

If you’re not sure on how to best present your horse for sale, please view our ‘How to Present your Horse for Sale or Lease guide.

Retrained for equestrian or pleasure pursuits

Retraining a retired racehorse may increase its appeal for potential buyers in the equestrian market, and increase its suitability for a greater variety of riders. OTTWA can assist you in rehoming your horse via this route, by either applying to join the OTTWA Retrainer Program by emailing, or by contacting one of the Independent Retrainers on the OTTWA website here*.

*Please note Independent Retrainers operate independently of the OTTWA program unless otherwise specified.

Retrainers specialise in teaching retired standardbred or thoroughbred horses the necessary skills and experiences needed to transition from racing to their second career as a pleasure or performance horse. Retrainers can also help prospective buyers of horses to select a horse that is suitable for their abilities.

For more information about the OTTWA Retraining Program, please click on the button below.

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