Suspicious Life and Norvic Nightowl

Steps to Rehoming your Racehorse

  1. Ensure that the appropriate retirement paperwork has been completed and your horse has been deregistered for racing.
  2. Identify a suitable pathway for placement of your horse from the list of options available. Consider the requirements for anyone taking on the horse as well as any special care needs that your horse may have.
    • Use established pathways to place horses in their next home.
    • Apply to enter the OTTWA Retraining Program.
    • Advertise your horse for sale directly from racing on the OTTWA Website’s buy and sell page.
    • Source and connect with a Independent Retrainer to take on your horse for retraining and assistance with rehoming.
  3. Undertake the necessary steps to place your horse, this may include taking current photographs for advertisements, organising spelling for a let-down period or recovery from any minor injuries, vetting and/or waiting until a placement is found for your horse.
  4. If you are having trouble placing your horse or need assistance, please contact the OTTWA Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator for guidance for guidance by email at or call 9445 5371.