Independent Retrainers Information & Map

Retrainers play a vital role in supporting retired thoroughbreds and standardbred horses in gaining the necessary skills and experiences needed to transition from racing to their next career as pleasure or performance horses. Retrainers can also help prospective buyers when viewing and selecting a horse that is suitable for their experience level and intended use.

The below is a list of independent retrainers who provide this service.

Please note: In no way does RWWA or OTTWA approve, work with, or endorse Independent Retrainers. Advertising of services on this platform is for the benefit of supporting retired racehorses and does not imply endorsement or affiliation with RWWA or OTTWA

List Your Services As An Independent Retrainer

List Your Services As An Independent Retrainer

Are you experienced in the process of retraining and rehoming retired thoroughbred or standardbred racehorses for equestrian or pleasure pursuits? If so, you can be listed as an “Independent Retrainer” reference guide, a dedicated resource for people seeking these services.

To submit your profile included in this resource, please complete the request form here.

Please note that ‘independent retrainers’ operate independently to Racing and Waging WA and it’s OTTWA program. No financial support will be provided to the listed person in their capacity as an independent retrainer.