OTTWA Clinics

Off the Track WA (OTTWA), in partnership with Equestrian Western Australia (EWA), is proud to provide riders and handlers of retired thoroughbreds and standardbreds with affordable education opportunities. OTTWA clinics are structured to accommodate varying education and skill levels of both riders and horses in a supportive and encouraging environment. Lessons are conducted by experienced Equestrian Australia accredited coaches.  

How are OTTWA Clinics Structured?

There are five different types of clinics which are each designed to provide rewarding experiences for off the track riders and horses. These are; the Classic Clinic, Training Days, Social Rides, Regional Clinics and New Combination Clinics. Each clinic type provides different opportunities to ensure they are suitable for riders and horses of various backgrounds.

Clinics Explained

Classic Clinic: the popular OTTWA clinic structure offering groundwork, flatwork and jumping lessons which cater for a variety of education and experience levels. 

Training Days: an opportunity for riders and horses to practice competition skills in a low-pressure environment. Riders can participate in dressage protocol tests, show jumping training rounds and cross-country training. 

Encouragement Clinics: perfect for green riders and horses; a great way to acclimatise to new environments in a safe way and meet new friends. Social Rides offer groundwork, flatwork and trail rides. 

What Do I Need to Attend an OTTWA Clinic?

An off the track horse! Riders need to register their horses for a FREE OTTWA Passport. All horses bred for the purpose of racing are eligible, they do not need to have raced or trialled. To learn more and apply for an OTTWA Passport visit 

Riders do not need to be current Equestrian Western Australia members however a minimum Recreational Membership is encouraged for insurance purposes. 

Horses and riders will need to present in safe and suitable equipment. English-style tack is not required. If a coach or other clinic staff member has concerns about the equipment it will be discussed with the participant and they may be required to adjust or replace the item. Plaiting, show jackets and other competition presentation requirements are not expected unless otherwise stated. Please note leg dressings (boots and wraps) are not permitted for protocol Dressage tests. Horses must be wearing a bridle number for all lessons. These are available for purchase during registration with collection on the day, or to purchase on the day. If you are not sure how to use one, please ask the friendly OTTWA team.  

What Can I Expect in a Lesson?

Groundwork Lesson

An unmounted lesson where you learn how to control your horse safely on the ground and begin education of the aids that you can transfer to ridden work. These classes are great for training green horses in a safe and controlled environment and getting them used to working around other horses. It also helps the rider/handler to develop confidence with their horse. 

Flatwork Lesson

These lessons will assist the ridden horse to become calm, supple, loose and flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen. Flatwork covers a multitude of exercises from circles, turns, transitions, walking, trotting and cantering. 

Lesson classification: 

  • Green: can walk, trot and learning to canter. Lesson suited for the very green or inexperienced horse and is often selected after the groundwork session as the next step in training for riding away from the home environment. 
  • Intermediate: can walk, trot and canter safely. Lesson ranges from preliminary to novice. 
  • Advanced: confident to walk, trot and canter in a consistent frame. Has started training lateral movements such as turn on the forehand and leg yield. Lesson ranges from elementary and above. 


Jumping lessons offer horse and rider combinations the opportunity to learn to navigate obstacles in a safe, confident manner. Lessons involve grid work, single fences and poles on the ground. 

Lesson classification: 

  • Poles and jumps up to 45cm: walk and trot exercises over poles to establish the basics for jumping and can walk and trot safely when in a group. 
  • Jumps from 45cm to 60cm: can walk and trot safely when in a group, canter is optional.
  • Jumps from 60cm to 80cm: can walk, trot and canter safely. Can approach a jump in canter. 

Cross Country Lesson

Horse and rider combinations will learn how to navigate a cross country landscape in a safe and controlled environment. Lessons will comprise of environment navigation (mounds and water obstacles), poles, pace work and small obstacles. 

Lesson classification: 

  • Environmental training; training over simple obstacles such as mounds, water, poles, and pace work.
  • 60cm – 80cm: Training over a combination of 60 to 80cm obstacles including logs, drops and ditches. Practicing related lines and timing. Only to be attempted by experienced horse/rider combinations. 
  • 80cm+: EA membership is required for these lessons. Only to be attempted by experienced horse/rider combinations. 

Dressage Protocol Test

Dressage protocol training is an excellent opportunity for horses and riders to execute and receive tuition in the riding of an approved EA Dressage test. Training will be undertaken by EA accredited judges and coaches to simulate a competition environment.

Show Jump Training Round

Jumping lessons offer horse/rider combinations the opportunity to learn to navigate obstacles in a safe, confident manner. Lessons involve grid work, single fences and poles on the ground.

Trail Ride 

Conducted by experienced guides, riders and horses will enjoy a leisurely ride in an open environment. Lessons are split into walk only and walk/trot. These are a great way to introduce horses to riding in group settings outside of an arena. 

How Can I Register For an OTTWA Clinic?

Registrations for OTTWA Clinics can be made through  

2024 Clinic Season Schedule

OTTWA Training Day | State Equestrian Centre | 17 Feb

OTTWA Training Day | State Equestrian Centre | 9 March

OTTWA Classic Clinic | Serpentine Horse & Pony Club | 23 March

OTTWA Classic Clinic | Avon Valley Horse & Pony Club | 20 April

OTTWA Encouragement Clinic | Magenup Equestrian Centre | 18 May

OTTWA Training Day | State Equestrian Centre | 1 June

OTTWA Classic Clinic | Magenup Equestrian Centre | 15 June

OTTWA Training Day | State Equestrian Centre | 29 June

OTTWA Encouragement Clinic | State Equestrian Centre | 06 July

OTTWA Training Day | State Equestrian Centre | 21 July


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