How to Apply for The Off The Track WA Retraining Program

How To Apply

1. Please refer to the Acceptance Criteria and Terms and Conditions to ascertain whether the program is suitable for your horse.
2. Download and complete the Application Form. As there may be a waiting period to enter the program, if accepted, it is recommended to apply prior to commencing the letting down period (if direct from racing). Applications, including the veterinary report, remain valid for a three-month period from the date completed.
3. Ensure that your horse has been deregistered for racing, with all the appropriate paperwork finalised. Further information can be found here for thoroughbred race horses or here for harness race horses.
4. Ensure all sections of the application form have been completed, including attaching recent images of the horse, before lodging the application with the OTTWA Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator via email or post.
5. Please allow 14 days for the application to be assessed. You will then be notified whether your horse has been accepted into the program, or whether the Admissions Panel has declined the application. Should the application be declined, alternate pathways will be recommended to assist you in responsibly rehoming your horse.
6. Upon acceptance, the Retraining and Rehoming Coordinator will liaise with the custodian of the horse to outline any applicable waiting periods, and to organise the arrival at the OTTWA Estate and the commencement of the program.