Unnamed by Elsu NZ out of Parsons Clothes ridden by Alexandra Markowski

How To Read a Standardbred Freeze Brand

Standardbreds are branded on the off side (right side) or their neck. Australia and New Zealand both brand standardbreds in the same place, however have different branding systems. Both types of brands are read from the top line starting on the left hand side, working across the line before moving onto the left hand side […]

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How To Take Photos of Your Horse’s Brands and Markings

In order for Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) personnel to confirm the identity of your horse you will need to provide images of your horses’ brands and preferably identifying markings. Your horse will have been branded, and usually microchipped for identification purposes. For thoroughbreds: A minimum of two images will be required; one of […]

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Taking Care of Your Horse; Equine Husbandry, Vital Signs & Medical Kit

There’s nothing more rewarding as a horse owner and rider, than having a happy and healthy horse as your equine partner. While there’s a large combination of factors that contribute to this, every owner should maintain staple equine husbandry routines, be aware of vital signs and have a well-stocked medical kit on hand to help […]

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How to Present Your Horse For Sale or Lease

When advertising your horse for sale or lease it is important to be clear and thorough in order to represent the horse well and attract enquiries from suitable homes. There are two main elements in an advertisement – the text and the images. The text should give the reader a good idea of the horse’s […]

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Off the Track Clinic

Finding a Club or Coach

Find a coach or club to suit you and your off the track horse with the help of organisations like Equestrian Western Australia (EWA), Pony Club and Adult Riding Clubs. EWA Accredited Coaches. EWA accredited coaches  generally work on a freelance basis and charge for services and are available throughout Western Australia. wa.equestrian.org.au Pony Club […]

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