OTTWA Tips & Tricks | Supporting Horses in Extreme Heat

This weekend will see parts of Western Australia reaching extreme heat levels of 43 degrees and above. Here are some important tips to ensure you and your horses are prepared for extreme weather and the increasing heat risks.

  • Know the signs of heat stroke in horses and monitor stock carefully. These signs include heavy sweating, increased heart rate, lack of appetite, dehydration, muscle weakness and increased body temperature.
  • Electrolyte supplements can replenish any essential nutrients lost through sweat. Supplementing the day before limits the risks of dehydration and fatigue.
  • Horses cool through sweat evaporation, so ensuring they can do so effectively is key. Removing rugs can assist in allowing sweat to evaporate as high humidity and low wind decreases the efficiency of sweat evaporation in horses, whilst low humidity and high wind will assist in the cooling process.
  • Avoid activities such as travelling or exercising horses during peak hours of heat. Any activity that raises a horse’s heart rate and requires exertion can be detrimental to horses’ health.
  • Hosing horses off can provide cooling relief. Leaving horses wet without sweat scraping allows bodies to cool through evaporation effectively.
  • Ensure horses have plenty of fresh, cool water and shelter to avoid direct rays.

Familiarize yourself with the Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy to stay up to date:



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