Satiric ridden by Alison Hanson

How Do I Qualify for Off the Track WA Clinics & Events?

All thoroughbreds and standardbreds bred for the purpose of racing qualify for Off the Track WA Clinics and Events, and any of the classes we sponsor.

You will be asked to provide your horse’s race name, microchip and/or brands when you enter. If you’re not sure of your horses’ details you can follow the steps below.

For thoroughbreds:

If you don’t know your horses’ racing name you can submit a Horse Identification Form to Racing Information Services Australia (RISA), this has a cost of $75.  Once completed and submitted RISA will provide an official identification certificate sufficient for competition purposes. Alternatively you can contact Off the Track WA (OTTWA) at with details of your horse and OTTWA will endeavour to identify the horse for you.

If you don’t know the horses’ racing name, but you do know their microchip number you can search their history on Australian Studbook website. If you aren’t sure of the spelling or complete name you can also do a wildcard search through the Studbook here.

Once you know your horses’ racing name you can look up their racing history on the CRIS website.

For standardbreds:

To search your standardbred by their brands you can use the guide on the Harness Racing Australia website here. Once you’ve translated their brands you can search the Freezebrand on the HRA website. Please note microchipping standardbreds became a requirement for 2017 onwards foals, therefore most standardbreds won’t have a microchip.