How to Create An Account and Apply For Your Horse

1. Visit and log in or create your OTTWA Passport account.

2. Once logged in, you will be redirected to “My Stable”, where you select “My Information”.

3. Update “My Information” with your current address details.

4. Return to “My Stable”, and select “Find Horse”.

5. In the “Find Horse” search form, use the allocated fields to search for your horse following the instructions below.

6. Enter your horse’s race name*, breed, microchip number registered with Racing Australia or Harness Racing Australia and/or their freeze brand in the search fields below. Please note that not all fields are required, just enter the details known to you. Once you start typing, pre-populated results will appear, and you can click on your horse if it comes up.

7. Click “Search” to submit search.

8. If your horse comes up, click “Apply” to progress to the “Horse Application” page where the horse’s details including images of their brands will be required.

9. Ensure that the details provided about your horse are correct, and then fill out details about its current use (you can select all that apply), and further details about its past owners, purchase date, stable name etc. Please note that if you are not aware of some of these details, you can leave the field blank, and only fill out details know to you.

10. Select “Choose File” to upload current photos of your horse’s brand(s) and markings. Please note that all applications must include photos in order to verify your horse’s ID.

11. Once you have entered the details known to you, and attached recent photos of brand(s) and markings, click on “Apply” to submit your application for review.

12. To apply for additional horses, please return to “My Stable”, where you can click on “Find Horse”, and start the process for your next horse.

13. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted.

14. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been accepted, declined, or if further information is required.

15. Please allow up to two weeks for your application to be processed.

*If your horse cannot be identified using the Find Horse form, please submit a request for RWWA personnel to identify your horse by clicking “Submit a Request to Identify Your Horse” and completing the application. From there you will be able to fill in the details that you are aware of, along with uploading recent photos of branding and marking. RWWA will then endeavour to assist in identifying your horse.


How to find you horse’s details once you have lodged the application

1. To review your horse’s details and access their Identification Certificate navigate to “My Horses” from the “My Stable

2. In “My Horses”, you will be able to view all the horses you have submitted an application for.

3. You can view the status of your application under “Status” within the table.

4. To view more of your horse’s details, click “View”.

5. Please note you will only be able to view your horse’s OTTWA Passport ID Number once your application has been approved.


How do I update my horse’s details?

1. To edit your horse’s details, navigate to “My Horses” from the “My Stable” All the horses you have submitted an application for will be listed.

2. Click the “Edit” link for the horse whose details you wish to update.

3. After you have updated the relevant details, click “Save”.

4. Please note the details in grey are essential for your horse and can only be modified by RWWA personnel. Please email if these details are incorrect or need to be updated.