Sir Mick Sloy | A Christmas Blessing

Born on Christmas Day in 2001, Sir Mick Sloy by Sir Vancelot NZ ran within over thirty starts before retiring in 2012. Beginning his career in 2004, Sir Mick Sloy raced in New South Wales for six starts before making the big move over to Western Australia, where he was trained by Shane Tognolini. Sir Mick Sloy retired with a career of ten wins and eight placings, a win in the Caduceus Club Classic in 2005, and total earnings of $83,000. 

In 2016, Donna Hevron met Sir Mick Sloy (Mick) after responding to a gumtree ad in which she would muck out paddocks in exchange for a ride. At fifty years old, Donna was just returning to riding and was looking to find a horse with which she could learn and grow. Mick turned out to be the perfect match, and so Mick and Donna became a team. Donna recalls that her first impressions of Mick were very positive. He was her first horse and took her from a total beginner to competing at prelim dressage and the odd hack show.

According to Donna, Mick is just a cool dude. He takes everything in his stride and cruises along without a worry in the world. Donna commented that training Mick has been quite easy as he tries very hard to please. Mick needs little time to learn, which has made training him a joy for Donna, who stated that she believes she and Mick have formed a bond that allows them to communicate in their own language.

“I am so lucky to have him, and he really has been quite an easy horse to train,” said Donna.

Donna and Mick have gone on to become a successful pair in the competition ring, competing in prelim dressage as well as the odd encouragement hack show. Mick turns 21 this Christmas and still has plenty of energy left in him for the show ring.

Donna and Micks’ biggest achievement so far has been winning Champion Walk and Trot horse at Brookleigh in 2019. Donna and Mick were relatively new to the show ring at the time, but she was delighted to come away with the win! Since then, the pair have gone on to have many more successes, including Champion Intermediate Show Hack at the 2021 Standardbred Dual Code Spectacular.

“Mick is one in a million, and I am so honored that he is my one in a million. He is a true gem!” Donna said.

“I was so incredibly proud of him, and it made me realize just how outstanding he really is!”

Donna and Mick plan to continue enjoying their time together for as long as possible. At 21, Mick shows no signs of stopping and will likely be seen attending the odd show or two in 2023, as well as focusing on their dressage.

We can’t wait to see how Sir Mick Sloy progresses with Donna throughout 2023!