Arnie’s Pride | Mr. Reliable Arnie

Arnie’s Pride is a 2014 West Australian bred gelding by Blackfriars. After 23 starts and one win on the racetrack, Arnie’s Pride retired in late 2020 with trainer, Maxine Payne, and a total of $15,378 in lifetime earnings.

Following retirement, Arnie was rehomed in early 2021 to Leanne Lefroy in the Mid-West, near Geraldton. Having family involved in the racing industry, Leanne was accustomed to racehorses and found their personalities and willingness to learn exciting to work with. Arnie and Leanne’s daughter, Heidi, quickly became fast friends, with Arnie proving to be a rather relaxed and calm individual who took everything in his stride.

“Arnie is an old soul who will tell you when he has had enough attention,” commented Heidi. “His relaxed easy-going nature has made it easy to retrain him. His nature has made him an awesome all-rounder who can go from eventing one weekend to barrel racing the next.”

Together, Arnie and Heidi Lefroy have participated in several disciplines, with their greatest accomplishments being winning Runner-Up Best Performed Off the Track Horse at the GCEC Show Jumping Championships and Runner-Up Leading Lady at the 2023 Junction Gymkhana. Arnie has been recently leased out to young rider, Allira Roach for the 2024 season, with Leanne and Heidi hoping to assist the pair in forming a strong bond and establishing a consistent frame in the dressage phase of eventing. Heidi calls Arnie, ‘Mr. Reliable’ and hopes to keep him happy and sound while he has fun with Allira in 2024.

Arnie’s Pride was also the proud recipient of our 4,000-follower rug giveaway, proudly wearing the rug in preparation for the eventing season ahead of him. We hope the rug gives Arnie and Allira some extra luck at competitions.

OTTWA wish Arnie, Allira, Heidi and Leanne all the best for the year ahead of them.


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