About The OTTWA Passport

What is the purpose of the OTTWA Passport?

The OTTWA passport forms an important part of the commitments outlined in the WA Racehorse Welfare Plan. The initiative is designed to assist Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) in tracing and connecting retired racehorses in WA, and gain a better understanding of their location and life after racing.

How will horses be traced?

When a retired racehorse is registered for an OTTWA Passport, a record of its details such as previous and current owner, location and use will be maintained.

How will the information be used?

The details provided through the OTTWA Passport will be used to further understand and improve welfare for retired racehorses in WA, and will provide useful information to RWWA programs and initiatives, which support horses and their owners in the transition from racing to retirement.

What are the benefits for owners signing up for an OTTWA Passport?

By creating and maintaining OTTWA Passports for their horses, owners are assisting RWWA in gaining a better understanding of the location and life of racehorses after racing. Owners signing up their horses will also be eligible for exclusive benefits, including:

  • Attending OTTWA clinics and events. From 1 January 2021, all riders attending OTTWA facilitated events will be required to have an OTTWA Passport.
  • Accessing exclusive educational and support materials, including how-to videos and downloadable resources from the OTTWA website.
  • Learning more about their horse, and their racing career through its registered details.
  • Receiving an OTTWA welcome pack including their horse’s ID Certificate.

Who should create an OTTWA Passport account?

All current owners of retired thoroughbreds and standardbreds residing in WA are encouraged to create an OTTWA Passport account and register all horses in their care.

Which horses are eligible for an OTTWA Passport?

All retired thoroughbreds and standardbreds which were bred for the purpose of racing are eligible for an OTTWA Passport.

What does it cost to have an OTTWA Passport?

There is no cost associated with creating and maintaining an OTTWA Passport, with the initiative funded by RWWA.

Do I receive a physical Passport for my horse?

No, you will not receive a physical passport, however all owners will be provided with a printed copy of their Horse Identification Certificate. This Certificate can also be downloaded via your online profile.