Unnamed – Ginger | Standardbred Mare on A Mission

Bred by Steve Johnson in October of 2010, this talented Standardbred mare never made it to the racetrack. Now known around the stables as ‘Ginger’, this little horse found her rightful home with Catherine Macey in 2014.

Having owned Standardbreds prior, Catherine was accustomed and well acquainted with the breed. One thing Catherine had not owned prior however, was a Standardbred mare. Ginger required a certain amount of negotiation when it came to flatwork and dressage schooling, though she loved to trail ride and jump. Through Adult Riders and regular lessons, Catherine managed to work Ginger around to the establishing her flatwork.

“Ginger is definitely a queen,” said Catherine. “She is very well looked after, and her personality shows it!”

Once established in her flatwork, Catherine pointed Ginger to jumping and eventing, which turned out to be what the mare truly enjoyed. Ginger and Catherine have also dipped their toes in other disciplines such as barrel racing, show jumping and dressage, but continue to return to eventing consistently. Ginger has now been eventing for three years, having lots of fun attending local and regional two-day events. Catherine and Ginger have formed a strong partnership which has allowed them to overcome challenges and lead to them successfully compete in both eventing and show jumping events at Pony Club level.

“Our best accomplishment so far would be WAYER 2024. We made it around the cross-country course with only one refusal. It may not seem huge, but it was to us,” commented Catherine.

The pair plan to continue on with their eventing endeavors, whilst building more confidence out on cross-country. Above all, Catherine plans to continue to have fun onboard Ginger at whatever they set their eyes upon. Catherine’s long-term goal is to earn a placing in one of the OTT classes.

OTTWA wish Catherine and Ginger all the best for their future ahead, flying the flag for Standardbreds in eventing.