The Great Man | Teddy Sure Is Great!

Standardbred gelding, The Great Man, entered the world twenty years ago in 2003. By Walton Hanover USA, The Great Man began his pacing career in late 2008 with trainer, Paul Tonkin in Victoria. After nine starts across the eastern states, The Great Man ran his first WA based trial in July of 2009 in Kalgoorlie, where he won with trainer and driver, John Sangalli. After 39 starts, 30 of which were on West Australian country tracks, The Great Man retired in 2014 with trainer, Peter Fairless.

Following retirement, Teddy was broken to saddle before heading to RDA Harvey, where he was used to help riders learn to ride. Following his time with RDA, The Great Man was then rehomed to someone who used him for further trail and pleasure riding, before being purchased in 2023 by Dimittee Walker.

Together with Dimittee, Teddy proves to be a versatile man. Dimittee aims to train Teddy for several disciplines such as show horse, dressage, western and pleasure riding.
“I am finding that Teddy is taking nicely to the disciplines I choose for him,” commented Dimittee.

Dimittee suggested that their greatest accomplishment was their first canter together. After a previous fall from another horse, Teddy gave Dimittee the confidence to progress from a trot to a canter for the first time since her fall. Another accomplishment that Dimittee proudly mentioned to us was their first show together, where he received some lovely comments from the judge and behaved impeccably. Dimittee hopes to get Teddy out to more shows and has long-term hopes to begin competing in dressage with Teddy.

“I would love to get both of us competing in dressage. Teddy has such a beautiful movement, and it would be nice to see him have a go in the dressage arena,” Dimittee said.