Shadow Hussler | Bill and Farmer Teamed Up Forever

Bred by the Arrowfield Group in 2007, Shadow Hussler is a chestnut Hussonet gelding who entered the racing world in 2010. Trained predominantly by Chris Gangemi, Shadow Hussler began his racing career with little success and was soon retired in 2012 after eight starts. Shadow Hussler retired with one third and $1,100 in lifetime earnings.

Following retirement, Shadow Hussler went on to have much more success in the eventing scene and was competed up to three-star by Kirsten Twining. Following this career start, Shadow Hussler was rehomed to Maddie Farmer in 2017.

Maddie purchased “Bill” after a navicular injury forced an early retirement from higher level competition and his future of jumping seemed to be up in the air. Despite this, Maddie had a good feeling about Bill and persevered with the hope that he would one day return to jumping. Thankfully, Bill returned to jumping following his initial injury and competed for several more years with Maddie onboard.

Bill is a creature of habit, who thrives off routine and consistency. Maddie commented that due to his honest and brave nature, he proves to be easily trainable.

“He loves his job, loves jumping and enjoys any kind of challenge thrown at him,” said Maddie fondly.

Maddie fondly recalled competing in the 2021 Equestrian in the Park competition as a dream come true and a huge achievement ticked off her list. Following this competition, Bill was retired once more from higher level competition. He now enjoys a much quieter and simpler life that his body is better suited too. Once Bill retires completely, he will remain with Maddie until his final days.

OTTWA wish Shadow Hussler and Maddie all the best for their future together.

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