Sasso’s Circus | Sass and Wright Take to Jumping.

Sasso’s Circus, a 2010 Thoroughbred gelding by Due Sasso, began his race career in 2014 with trainer, Kylie Dowling. Throughout his extensive career of 63 starts, Sasso’s Circus was trained by several of Western Australia’s race trainers; Trainers such as, Durrant, Miller, Dowling and finally, Dean Cocivera. After a career of nine wins, nine seconds and ten thirds, Sasso’s Circus retired from racing in late 2019 with lifetime earnings of $207,190. Sasso’s Circus retired with 44% in track placings across his career.

Following retirement, Sasso’s Circus—or Sass, was placed out on spell before being rehomed. At the end of 2019, Sass was rehomed to Tamika Wright with the intention to become her next show jumper.

Tamika took on Sass, who proved to live up to his name. Sass had an attitude about him that made him both confident and ‘arrogant’, as Tamika commented. Despite this, Sass took to jumping and showed to love it, using this love to successfully move through the heights competitively. Tamika commented that their greatest achievement so far was competing in their first 1.05m class, which Sass took all in his stride.

Tamika’s short-term goal is to place in a 1.05m class, and later move up to 1.15, classes to become competitive in the Main Ring at big jumping competitions.

OTTWA wish Sassos Circus and Tamika all the best for their future ahead and wish them luck in their future jumping endeavors.

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