OTTWA Feature | Retired Racehorses in Dressage

Off the Track WA is excited to see many retired racehorses dancing into the dressage arena. In 2023, 181 off the track horses competed in dressage events sponsored by OTTWA. We are thrilled to see more Standardbreds entering the dressage arena and hope to see many more in 2024.

What is Dressage?

In dressage, horse and riders perform a series of predetermined movements in an arena marked by 12 letters. Horses must showcase all three paces of walk, trot, and canter, as well as perform smooth transitions within and between these paces.

What makes Retired Racehorses suitable for Dressage?

“Retired racehorses are forward, sensitive and learn quickly which makes them fantastic dressage mounts.”

“Retired racehorses have a willingness to please and trainability that makes them suitable for dressage.”

“Retired racehorses stamina, beautiful big strides, and a determination that makes them great competitors in dressage.”

Dressage Events Sponsored by OTTWA in 2024:

This year we are proud to be sponsoring the following dressage events between February and July.

  • Esperance Pony Club Jumping & Dressage Series
  • Zamia ARC Summer Dressage Training
  • Albany Pony Club Dressage Series
  • Capel Horse and Pony Club Dressage & Jumping Series
  • West Plantagenet Pony Club Unofficial Dressage Day
  • HB Horsewear Grassroots Dressage Festival
  • Orange Grove Horse and Pony Club Dressage & Jumping Series
  • Dryandra Pony Club Dressage & Jumping Series
  • Swan River Dressage
  • Gidgegannup Official Dressage
  • Gidgegannup Golden Oldies Unofficial Dressage

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