Hey Mav | Mav on a Mission!

Hey Mav, is a 2009 born Saxon gelding bred by Heytesbury Stud. Mav was backed, but never raced or trialed after showing very little interest in the competitive lifestyle. Mav was prepped by the former Heytesbury stud before being rehomed upon retirement.

Mav was rehomed to Antonia Turner in 2015, who took the gelding on from a co-worker. Antonia cared for Maverick briefly, ensuring his teeth, feet and worming were up to date before asking a friend to help ride him and eventually move him along. After moving around between friends for a period, Mav finally found his forever home with Leanne Chilton in 2016.
Mav was the first off the track horse that Leanne had ridden. His soft nature and willingness to please made purchasing him a no-brainer. Instead of using the money she had saved to purchase her first car, Leanne chose to buy Mav instead, much to the surprise of her parents. Mav was rising seven, and despite being green and unbalanced, had the potential to be a lovely horse.
The first year of owning Mav was a learning curve for both. Mav was slowly learning to develop a balanced canter, whilst also developing patience and trust. He plodded along like a pony and very rarely put a foot wrong, even when confused. Although he could be anxious, Mav built trust in Leanne quickly and the two of them have formed a strong partnership throughout their seven years together, overcoming hurdles and learning as they go.
Leanne said, “He is more of a puppy than a horse. He is always in your face and in search of treats. He’s a loveable character, and everyone who knows him knows how special he can be.”
Leanne and Mav have worked hard throughout the years despite some bumps along the way. Now fourteen years old, Mav has been trained up to elementary level dressage at home and also has competed as an official Show Horse. Between several setbacks due to injuries, Leanne and Mav have persevered to come out happy and healthy on the other side. This little compact gelding now lives a far more relaxed lifestyle, with regular trail rides, swims in the dam and beach trips on his agenda. Leanne still has hope to compete Mav in the future but is much more interested in having fun in the meantime.

“I have no expectations for Mav other than hoping he remains in one piece. He has been with me through the hardest points of my life and through every milestone; from high school, university, and now full-time work. He will be with me until his final days,” Leanne said fondly.