Great Googlymoogly | Finding His Feet in Endurance

Great Googlymoogly, a 2012 foal by Jet Laag USA raced under trainer Vanessa Brockman throughout his 30-start career. Retiring in early 2020 due to a bowed tendon, the striking grey standardbred claimed two wins, five seconds and five thirds, earning $17,254 during his racing career.

In November 2020 endurance rider Karla Stroud by chance met Vanessa and Bernie Brockman and began speaking to them about Bernie’s previous experience in the discipline. Having retired and rested Great Googlymoogly, better known as Bamble the Brockmans suggested the gelding as Karla’s next endurance mount. Karla was initially reluctant, but the Brockmans sent her photos of the gelding and offered to take him back if he proved unsuitable or unsound in any way. The next day Bamble was delivered to Karla.

Karla says the gelding has turned out to be a wonderful horse who is easy to do anything with. Bamble’s preference for routine is a strength in his training, although it can cause him to be a little anxious when they camp at the endurance rides.

“He has a great work ethic and is always first up to the gate when he sees someone coming.” Karla says.

Training Bamble has been a smooth process. Karla says he has adjusted very well, only pacing in his early competitions at the beginning of busy rides.

The pair began competing in 40km endurance rides in March 2021 and have now progressed to successfully completing 80km rides, qualifying Gamble as an endurance horse. Most recently Gamble and Karla completed the 80km ride at Merredin, and 60km ride at Jarrahadale, winning Best Managed Off the Track Horse for each distance.

Bamble and Karla have their sights set on a Tom Quilty National Endurance Championship buckle.

We love seeing standardbreds out competing show how talented and versatile they are!

Great Googlymoogly has his OTTWA Passport! Did you know both standardbreds and thoroughbreds bred for the purpose of racing are eligible for an OTTWA Passport? Learn more here.