Flightofattack | OTTWA Retraining Program Graduate Update.

2015 gelding by Advance Attack, Flightofattack, retired from his limited racing career after one trial with trainer, David Simmons. Flightofattack was placed in the Off the Track WA Retraining Program after his owner sadly fell ill. While undertaking his re-education with Off the Track WA Official Retrainer, Bayley Thomas, Flightofattack met Jess Barnes.
In 2021, Jess contacted Bayley regarding another horse that she had available. As fate would have it, the pair did not work out and Bayley suggested Jess try Phoenix—who was then known as Paddy. Bayley warned that he could be cheeky and would likely test her, which made Jess more interested in the challenge. Two days before test riding Phoenix, Jess broke her finger and was in a cast and pins. Still keen to ride Phoenix, Jess persisted in a bitless bridle and with one hand. She was delighted by how relaxed Phoenix was and arranged to purchase him as soon as she had dismounted.
Since then, the two of have made quite the pair. Jess commented that Phoenix has taught her a lot and has thoroughly helped develop her riding.
“He is definitely one of the favourites around the stables, is easy to handle and obviously very cute!” Jess said regarding Phoenix and his personality.
Together, Jess and Phoenix have attended Off the Track WA clinics and hope to get out to more in 2023. They are working hard to establish a strong canter and developing more confidence out on the trails. Jess and Phoenix placed within the top six at their first competition, which Jess describes as their greatest competitive accomplishment so far.
We look forward to following Jess and Phoenix’s journey in 2023!

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