Data Lake | Spicy Dolly Prefers Popping Jumps to Racing

After a career of fifteen starts under trainer, Robin Elliot, Data Lake retired from racing in 2021. Known around the stable as ‘Dolly,’ this fiery chestnut mare by Discorsi raced for five years with limited starts to earn $6,355. Dolly was then rehomed after racing to off the track enthusiast and event videographer, Sam Langley.

Sam purchased Dolly with the intention to retrain and sell; fortunately for both, Dolly secured herself a place in Sam’s heart and never went up for sale. Together, Dolly and Sam have formed an admirable partnership, tackling the eventing season with a spring in their strides.

In 2023, Dolly competed at her first Equestrian in the Park event, bouncing around the course with ease. Piloted by Sam, Dolly has an impressive jump, with plenty of scope to cover both show jumps and cross-country combinations. Dolly and Sam also competed at the Horseland Young Horse Championships, State Show Jumping Championships, WASJA Championships and many other jumping events throughout the year. Dolly may not have been a remarkably successful racehorse, but she certainly knows how to jump.

In 2024, Sam hopes to complete a successful year of one star eventing with Dolly, with the eventual hope to take this pretty mare over to Melbourne to compete. Sam describes Dolly as ‘fiery, hardworking, gritty and loyal,’ making her the perfect eventing partner for Sam.

OTTWA wish Sam and Dolly all the best for their year ahead and hope to one day support them in their journey to compete in Melbourne.


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