Brackova | Back in Action.

Brackova, a 2010 gelding by Statue of Liberty began his racing career in the eastern states as a rising three-year-old. Bred in New South Wales, Brackova was first trained by dynamic racing duo, Mathew Ellerton, and Simon Zahra of Ellerton Zahra Racing (now Ellerton Racing), who campaigned the gelding across his first four starts.

Following Ellerton and Zahra, Brackova was moved onto Chris Hyland for three starts, and then Con Kelly and WA trainer Jacqueline Henderson, before landing in the stables of Zach Tyler in 2016. Brackova retired in 2018 after 47 starts, concluding his career with four wins, four seconds and six thirds, most of which occurred in Western Australia.

In 2018, Kaylah Lingard came across Brackova’s sale ad on Facebook. Baring a striking resemblance to Kaylah’s previous thoroughbred, Delta Bay, she took an immediate interest in Brackova.

Kaylah describes Brackova as a class clown, who always knows how to make you smile.

“He is like a toddler; you can never leave him unattended for too long!” Kaylah said fondly.

In the beginning of their partnership, Brackova proved to be quite over opinionated and difficult to work with. Kaylah overcame this with hard work, producing a horse that takes everything in his stride. Kaylah believes a slow and steady approach was the key to success in winning over Brackova.

“If I asked him a question and he didn’t understand how to do it, he would have a tantrum and stand on two legs… or get all four feet off the ground!” Kaylah recalled.

Several years later, Brackova has become a strong eventing competitor. Following on from an unfortunate injury two years prior, Kaylah and Brackova returned to competition with a win at Murray CCN in the 80cm Off the Track WA class. Although Brackova struggled with the year long spell and rehabbing process, Kaylah commented that it was worth every moment of stress to produce such a win following a difficult period.

Short term, Kaylah and Brackova aim to keep ticking along, hopefully moving up to 95cm classes. Long term, Kaylah would love to ride Brackova around the Equestrian in the Park course as he absolutely loves the cross-country phase of competition.

OTTWA wish Kaylah and Brackova all the best for their future!

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