Waylade NZ | A Gentleman On And Off The Track

Waylade, by Washington VC, was trained by Gary Hall Snr for the first two years of his successful racing career. From 2013-2015 the talented gelding notched up 20 consecutive placings, as well a stretch seven straight wins in that period. In late 2016 Waylade succumbed to a tendon injury which required an extended period of rest and rehabilitation. Caris Hamilton-Smith worked for Hall Snr at the time and when the gelding recovered, she was keen to get him back on the track. Knowing Hamilton Smith’s affection for Waylade, Hall Snr offered her the chance to train the gelding herself. Under Hamilton Smith’s care Waylade took out the 2019 Media Guild Cup and was competitive in a plethora free-for-all races.

Hamilton-Smith said the gelding was a gentleman to train.

“He was an old professional, you couldn’t find a nicer horse,” she said.

Waylade retired in late 2020 with a record of 17 wins and 24 placings from 81 starts.

He won $447,069 in stakes.

Hamilton-Smith was contacted by Antonia Turner, who she had previously rehomed a horse, Lucky and Loaded to. Turner was looking for a new mount after Lucky and Loaded succumbed to colic in 2019 and felt Waylade would be an adequate replacement. Waylade had spent a lot of time under saddle during his race training and had always proven himself level-headed and trustworthy. Hamilton-Smith knew the gelding would be a good fit for Turner.

Waylade, or Tomatoes, had big shoes to fill. Locked And Loaded provided Turner, a nervous rider, with plenty of confidence. Turner thought there would never be another horse like him. That was until she met Tomatoes.

“Getting on Tomatoes was scary, he’s a little bit bigger than Benny was and a little bit younger,” she said.

“The minute I got on he was amazing. I didn’t feel nervous on him at all, he made me so comfortable, he took great care of me. So responsive and he had really good brakes!” Antonia recalls of their first ride.”

Turner was sold on the gelding and had Tomatoes trucked from Oakford to her own Kambalda stables in the Goldfields.

Since Tomatoes arrived with Turner they have enjoyed trail and bush rides both alone and with company.

She said the brave gelding barely bats an eye at any of the “scary” things they come across, and you can find him up the front leading the pack.

“He is so brave and bold. He has given me so much confidence in the saddle. I trust him and he trusts me.” She said.

Not only a gentleman on their rides, Tomatoes is excellent on the ground. He was even a champion when he gave kids their first ever pony ride.

Tomatoes’ only shortcoming is his love for upending his feed bin across his paddock!

Tomatoes’ greatest love is carrots.

Turner said she has never known a horse to love them so much, he will refuse to eat his dinner unless his beloved carrots are there too.

Tomatoes has taken to his second career easily. He’s responsive to Antonia’s seat, is ridden only in a bitless bridle and enjoys Liberty.

Tomatoes and Turner have an overnight ride later this year which they’re looking forward to.

What a beautiful partnership these two have!

Waylade has his OTTWA Passport! Did you know the OTTWA Passport initiative is available for standardbreds as well as thoroughbreds? To learn more head to the Passport page.