Super Exceed | Vale Super; Talented Gelding Gone Too Soon

Super Exceed a 2013 gelding by Exceed and Excel from Raboob had nine starts for one second and two thirds, earning $6,545 before retiring in 2018. He began his career with trainer Jim Taylor, before racing in Geraldton with Ron Cowl Junior for four starts, and then returning to Jim for his last start.

Isabelle (Izzy) Siegwart had been riding track work for Jim, or Jimmy Taylor when the gelding had his last start. She took Super Exceed, fondly known as Super, home with her the next day. She recalls his tall, lanky frame and big attitude to match.

“Super’s heart was never really into racing, and though he had all the ability in the world to do well, he quickly made it clear that he wanted to do something else. I always say that he was destined to jump!” Izzy says.

The pair clicked from the start. The quirky and challenging horse was understood by Izzy and they trusted each other implicitly.

Izzy began Super’s retraining by taking him to relaxed outings; trail riding, trips to the beach, groundwork, training days and pony club. She gave him time to mature and develop, as though his frame implied a mature horse, his brain was still catching up. His overactive mind meant that big atmospheres could be challenging. Izzy invested in taking it slow, building their trust and connection.

“He gave me a feeling like no other. His movement was second to none, with a big, active trot and a love for jumping.” Izzy recalls.

Izzy patience and understanding paid off and soon the gelding was jumping whatever she pointed him at. In 2020 the pair took on the 95cm course at the Swan Valley Hunter Trials, they left the event winning two rugs and two OTTWA awards.

“It just felt like the years of hard work had culminating in this insane relationship and trust – my absolute heart horse.” Izzy says.

While Super was a star at competitions, he was also a pleasure to have at home. Super used to give Izzy’s eight-week-old puppy pony rides.

“He would sit on the front of the saddle and we would get from place to place like that. Although Super always looked at me a bit strangely, he was very compliant!” Izzy remembers.

Super was a character; always first to the gate for his well-deserved attention. Always making Izzy laugh with his antics and strong attitude.

Tragically Super was lost earlier this year to colic. Izzy counts herself lucky to have had her time with Super, her heart horse.

“We had a really special bond that everyone could see, and he has left a spark burning in me that makes me determined to find my next ex-racing partner in crime!” Izzy says.

  • Credit: Eric Lloyd Photography

  • Credit: Waylib Photos

  • Credit: Waylib Photos

  • Credit: Eric Lloyd Photography

  • Credit: Eric Lloyd Photography

  • Credit: Waylib Photos