Shinju | Shining Shin Excelling in New Career

Shinju, sired by Written Tycoon in 2015, began his racing career in 2017 with Peter and Paul Snowden. Showing promise in his initial few trials and starts, Shinju took to racing over east with a few seconds and his first win. Following this, Shinju was moved over to Western Australia where he continued his race career with Chris Gangemi. Racing with Gangemi Racing for a further fourteen starts, Shinju was then moved onto Darryn, and then Aaron Pateman, who he retired with in 2022. Shinju retired with a career of 35 starts, five wins, five seconds and four fourths to earn $194,218.

Purchased straight off the track, Shinju landed into the open arms of Sam Cook, active off the track competitor. Joining Sams herd alongside OTTWA Retraining Program graduate, Carson Drive, Shinju proved to be a quick learner and adapted seamlessly to his new off the track career.

“I have retrained quite a few thoroughbreds, but Shin has been the fastest to catch on so far. He retired in September of 2022 and was competing by November 2022,” expressed Sam fondly.

Shin has dived into his off the track career with a great work ethic and a willingness to please. Shinju loves dressage and is getting bolder in his jumping journey. Coming along in leaps and bounds, Shinju competed in his first elementary dressage test in November of 2023. This precedes winning four 80cm events in a row and placing on the EA Leaderboard in Eventing for his first year of competition. Sam aims to work to solidify their elementary dressage scores and gaining more confidence in cross country. Ultimately she hopes to continue progressing through 95cm in 2024.

OTTWA wish Shinju and Sam all the best for an exciting year ahead of themselves.