Ready For Sure | There’s No Doubt This Gelding Is Ready For His Eventing Career!

Ready For Sure, by American stallion More Than Ready and out of New Zealand Mare Lady of Helena raced under trainer David Harrison. Ready For Sure, better known as Troy, had 28 starts for two wins, two seconds and three thirds, earning $35,797 before retiring in 2014.

Harrison recognised Troy’s potential as performance horse, and recommended him to fellow trainer and eventer Rebecca, or Bec, Nairn. Troy had earnt a reputation for his great temperament, being a pleasure to handle and the rate he learnt new things. Bec took Harrison’s recommendation and started on Troy’s re-education. Troy was soon out competing in dressage, show jumping and low-level one day events (ODEs) where he either won or placed in all.

In 2016 Bec heard through friend and coach, Phillipa Willis promising young junior, Katie Nicholls was looking for a horse. Troy was deemed a great fit for Katie who was just moving off her pony, Karma Park Millenium and Troy soon found himself a wonderful new home.

Although Bec had made a great start on starting Troy’s re-education and exposure he was initially a handful for Katie when it came to competition environments.

Troy and Katie have many fantastic achievements to their names including competing in Troy’s first 105cm competition, the 2019 Milne Feeds Wild Card event, finishing a challenging course very boldly. That same year they won the Pony Club WA State Tetrathlon 105cm class.

In late 2020 Troy was diagnosed with enthesophytes on the left of his lumbar spine. The long recovery came with a silver lining; the down time had mental and physical benefits for Troy. They’ve bounced back into the 2021 competition season with success: winning the Pony Club WA State Tetrathlon 95cm class, and most recently finishing on their Dressage score of 24.5 at Murray CCN, winning the EvA 95 OTT class.

Katie can’t pick one moment as her favourite with Troy.

“We’ve gotten along so well and I’ve found his whole journey so rewarding. I am grateful to be the one to take this horse from where he was to where he is now and I’m hoping there’s a lot more to come.” Says Katie.

Katie has her sights set on 1* star Eventing and above, and potentially a trip over east to compete.

“His potential far exceeds what he is doing now and I really hope we can continue on the path that we’re on for the rest of 2021.” Katie says.