Ragno Rosso | Affectionate Clown Rossi

Ragno Rosso, born in 2013 by Discorsi, began his racing career in 2016 with Pearce Racing. This bay gelding ran five trials and seven starts under the guidance of Pearce, retiring in late 2017 with a track record of one second, and total prizemoney of $3,475. Following retirement, Ragno Rosso was rehomed to Samantha Chudleigh.

After retraining with Samantha and attending a few hunts, Ragno Rosso was leased out to a rider who continued to attend hunts and adult riders with Rossi for two years before moving on.

After seventeen years out of the saddle, Linda Smith was then offered the opportunity to lease Ragno Rosso from Samantha in 2020. Linda leased Rossi for two months, continuing his regular jumping lessons, before purchasing the gelding in October of 2020.

“I never would have thought a seven-year-old off the track thoroughbred would have been suitable; however, he is such a gentle and loveable horse. We just fit together, so I had to make him mine,” Linda said.

Linda described Rossi as an affectionate clown who loves to be groomed. During training, he is cooperative so long as he enjoys the activity.

“He doesn’t like trotting around in circles but will give you 100% if you throw a few jumps and barrels in front of him,” commented Linda.

Linda has one goal with Rossi, which is to continue to have fun. Together, Rossi and Linda have attended several jumping events throughout 2023, with great success. Ragno Rosso was the Open Winner in Arena One at Murray Adult Riders Show Jumping Series, winning Runner-Up Best Performed Off the Track Horse and Runner-Up Adult Rider all in one competition. Linda commented on how proud she was of Rossi’s work ethic and continues to aim for more fun adventures together.

OTTWA wish Linda and Rossi all the best on their adventures together, and hope they continue to have fun!

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