Play the Boys | Handsome Moet Shines in the Ring

Bred by Debra Lewis in 2014, Play the Boys began his pacing career in 2016. Trained by Greg and Skye Bond of Bond Racing, Play the Boys ran six races across his career for five wins and one third—winning all but one start. Play the Boys retired in 2019 with $78,232 in lifetime stakes.

Following retirement, Play the Boys—known as “Moet”, was rehomed to Cybele Nikoloff. Cybele had seen the gelding on the track and liked his type. Seeing potential in this handsome standardbred, Cybele took Moet on as her first standardbred project following a career of training thoroughbreds and warmbloods. Cybele turned Moet into a show horse, with his cute face and solid strides setting him out as a true competitor. Moet won Champion Hack at his first outing and was a gentleman to prepare and handle throughout the day. Cybele broke Moet to saddle with little resistance after establishing a firm foundation of groundwork. Moet proved to be a beautifully natured horse who took to the process willingly.

In August of 2023, Moet was rehomed to Donna Hevron to own alongside her current standardbred, Sir Mick Sloy. As “Mick” has celebrated his twenty second birthday, Donna was on the search for her next horse to work with, reducing the workload that Mick undertook. Moet proved to be the perfect candidate for the job, with an easy-going nature, trainability, and temperament. Together, Donna and Moet are working toward establishing stronger dressage foundations with the intention to compete in the future. At their first outing together to compete at the 2023 SPPHAWA State Championships, Moet maintained his calm track record to claim Reserve Champion Track to Hack, WA Bred and Show Horse. Donna and Moet also attended the December OTTWA Encouragement Clinic where they rode for the first time in the Indoor Arena. Donna was and continues to be, exceptionally proud of this gelding’s brave nature.

Donna hopes to compete more regularly in 2024, and has long term aspirations to find a niche in which Moet excels in. She hopes this to be dressage and plans to take him out regularly to events and adult riders. OTTWA wish Donna and Moet all the best for their year ahead.