OTTWA Feature | Retired Racehorses in Endurance

Off the Track WA are thrilled to see many retired racehorses competing in the discipline of endurance. In 2023, approximately 22 retired racehorses competed in endurance rides sponsored by OTTWA across Western Australia. Of these horses, 16 were standardbreds, and 6 were thoroughbred. In 2024, we hope to encourage many more retired racehorses to dabble in the endurance riding experience.

What is Endurance Riding?

The sport of endurance riding requires a horse and rider combination to successfully complete a marked course within a specified time. Endurance is a unique equestrian discipline in which any horse or rider may compete.

What makes retired racehorses suitable for Endurance Riding?

“Retired racehorses love endurance riding because it’s like one big trail ride. Endurance riding allows them to feel like they are free (to an extent).” – WAERA Endurance Rider.

“Endurance riding is great for keeping your OTT fit. Arena work keeps them supple and develop the correct muscles, but endurance riding is a real full body workout for both horse and rider.” – WAERA Endurance Rider.

“Endurance riding allows horses to become slowly acclimatized to open areas and new experiences, whilst riding within a supportive and understanding community.” – WAERA Endurance Rider.

How to get started?

To get started in the sport of Endurance Riding, we recommend contacting the West Australian Endurance Riders Association for more information. All information regarding starting out can be found at this link provided ->

Endurance Rides Sponsored by OTTWA in 2024:

This year we are thrilled to be sponsoring the following endurance events between February and July.

  • WAERA Easter Marathon in March
  • WERI Gidgegannup Ride in April
  • WAERA Jarrahdale Ride in May
  • WERI Merridin Merriment Ride in June
  • WAERA Jarrahdale Ride in July