OTTWA Clinic Wrap-Up | March Classic Clinic

On the 23rd of March, OTTWA in partnership with Equestrian WA, hosted our first Classic Clinic at Serpentine Horse and Pony Club grounds. Joined by a wide variety of retired racehorses throughout the day, we were thrilled to see many horses and riders enjoying their lessons. Coaches, Colin Chantler, Wayne Brush, and Isabel Stanley joined us for the day and were blessed with lovely sunny weather.

Green flatwork and groundwork sessions were held in the enclosed arena with Wayne Brush. Many of the horses enjoyed the peaceful guidance of Wayne, allowing them to settle into the day amongst their fellow retired racehorses. Meanwhile, Intermediate and Advanced flatwork were held within the white boards with Colin Chantler. Colin shared his wealth of knowledge to assist riders in establishing a softer and more relaxed way of travelling. Out in front of the clubhouse, Isabel Stanley guided the jumping riders through a series of pole and jumping exercises, allowing horses to become accustomed to jumping out in open spaces. It was a wonderful learning experience for many of the horses and riders.

Zipping around between arenas was Vicki from Vickiphotos. Vicki has captured some fantastic shots of the horses throughout the day for everyone to enjoy. We were joined by many horses, including fourteen horses who retired from racing last year. We are glad to have been able to provide a fun and welcoming environment for these horses to attend for their first outing.

Our next clinic is April 20, hosted by Avon Valley Adult Riders in Northam. Entries are now open on Nominate.

  • Colin Chantler coaching the Intermediate Flatwork class - Vickiphotos

  • Clinics are about making friends and learning - Vickiphotos

  • Isabel Stanley coaching the jumping riders through their exercises - Vickiphotos

  • Wayne Brush giving guidance to Uncle Lino - Vickiphotos

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