Masquerade |There’s No Masquerading This Horses Talent.

Masquerade is a 2014 Time Thief gelding bred by Peters Investment. This handsome gelding began his racing career in 2017 with Grant and Alana Williams for four wins, before moving under the guidance of Adam Durrant for two starts and two trials, and finally ending his career with Kellie Grantham. Masquerade retired in July of 2022 with a career of 35 starts, four wins, three seconds and one third, earning $262,300.

Alana Williams fondly remembers Masquerade and his gentle nature.

“He showed above average ability from an early age, but needed time to mature so he wasn’t pushed early. He won four races early in his career for us, before making his way into another stable. It’s good to see Mack has a great home and is well looked after and is learning new things!” said Alana.

Following retirement, Masquerade (Mack) was posted on Rehome a Racehorse for rehoming during the same time in which Cassie Easthope was on the lookout for a suitable horse to begin riding after having her second baby. Cassie’s husband, Jeremy Easthope, is a race trainer who had seen Masquerade’s work around the track and suggested he would be a good match for Cassie. Cassie contacted friend, Kellie Grantham, to organize a trial period, and the rest is history. Masquerade had found his home after a week in the Easthope’s stables.

Cassie describes Mack as a great horse to have around the stables. Mack loves human attention of any sort and has been very straight-forward for Cassie to retrain after racing. He has a fantastic trot and is forward-thinking with a great attitude toward his work. Cassie has even put novice riders on Mack, and he has never put a foot wrong. He plods around quite happily no matter the level of his riders. Cassie’s niece is learning to ride and has had several rides on Mack with no problems; he really takes care of his riders.

“After having my second child I lost a lot of confidence in myself as a rider and even though Mack can be anxious at times, I trust him completely to look after me,” Cassie said.

Cassie is hoping to take Mack up through the grades of dressage and jumping. Having only retired in July of 2022, Mack still has some competition anxieties that Cassie believes will be easily overcome with more exposure. He has become a beloved family member of the Easthope family, with a bright future ahead of him. Cassie has ridden Mack out at a handful of local dressage shows and the March OTTWA Classic Clinic, where he showed great potential for his future dressage and jumping career.

OTTWA look forward to hearing of Cassie and Macks future adventures and wish them all the best.

  • Eric Lloyd Photography

  • Eric Lloyd Photography