GoandCullect | Jumping Ajay Airlines!

GoandCullect and rider, Amy Kennedy have been actively working together to showcase the versatility of standardbreds in the jumping arena for many years. Competing in July at the Perth Show Jumping League, GoandCullect (Ajay) jumped superbly throughout the weekend. The pair claimed fifth in the 1.05m Equestrian in the Park Challenge against some of Western Australians talented up-and-coming thoroughbreds and warmbloods. Ajay was the only standardbred to compete at this competition, and certainly did not look out of place!  

GoandCullect and Amy also placed second in the 1m OTTWA class in May at Yalambi Farms Easter Classic and won Prelim Champion at the SPPHAWA State Dressage Championships. Amy hopes to champion the standardbred breed in all disciplines, regularly competing Ajay in Show Jumping, Dressage and Show Horse events, aiming to dabble in Eventing.  

To read GoandCullect full story, please follow the link provided to learn all about this fantastic standardbred gelding –> https://www.offthetrackwa.com.au/ajay-is-collecting-all-the-rosettes-and-ribbons/  

And even more about GoandCullect! –> https://www.offthetrackwa.com.au/goandcullect-the-standardbred-gelding-that-is-now-collecting-in-the-show-jumping-arena/ 

  • Eric Lloyd Photography

  • Eric Lloyd Photography