Crooked Carrot | Cruising Carrot with Holmes

Crooked Carrot, by Universal Ruler, began his limited race career in early 2021. After several trials, Crooked Carrot hit the track for his first race start in late 2021, where he came in last. Carrot then went on to have two more starts in late 2022 after a brief break, before starting in his final race in April of 2023. After four starts with Crispin Racing Stables, Crooked Carrot retired from racing with $810 to his name.

‘Cruise’ was a beloved member of the Crispin Racing team, being the last progeny of mare, Saxon’s Patch. Following retirement, Cruise was rehomed to Chelsea Holmes, where he began the transition into his off the track career.

“From an early age, I have always loved the off the trackers for their willingness to learn, and have amazing natures,” commented Chelsea. “Their athletic abilities give them so many career opportunities.”

Although Cruise proved to not be the easiest to transition from racehorse to riding horse due to his anxious nature, Chelsea persevered with the hope to turn the handsome gelding into a future eventer.

“His trainability has absolutely amazed me. He will always give 110% when he’s feeling his best.”

Cruise now regularly attends Peel Adult Riders, where he is regularly praised for his nature and mind under-saddle. Cruise attended his first hack show in 2023, where he took home a handful of seconds and a first. Chelsea plans to continue working on building Cruise’s consistency on the flat and establishing more confidence jumping.

OTTWA wish Crooked Carrot and Chelsea all the best for their future ahead.