Colorado Springs | Hey Franklin!

Sired by Standardbred stallion, Heston Blue Chip USA, ‘Colorado Springs’ entered the world in November of 2017. Bred by Rhiannon Park, Colorado Springs was trained and prepared for the racetrack by Debbie Padberg, however, remains unraced and untrialled.

In 2021, Colorado Springs, better known as Franklin, was advertised for rehoming after being prepared for sale by Corrina of Iron Horse Ranch in York. Upon seeing his advertisement on Facebook, Michelle Short purchased the green-broken and tall gelding shortly after her previous horse had been forced to semi-retire following an injury. Franklin was unbalanced due to his long legs and growing body, so Michelle allowed him the chance to grow before pushing him further.

After eight or so months together, Michelle and Franklin attended a clinic with Andrew Turnball from AMT Equestrian, where they concentrated on their groundwork and began some ridden work. This was the beginning to Franklins ridden career. After this, Franklin was introduced to trekking with the Midwest Horse Trekkers, and proved to thoroughly enjoy himself. Michelle then committed to fortnightly lessons and began to concentrate on developing Franklins basics. The pair recently attended the OTTWA Classic Clinic in Geraldton, and then attended the Pony Club Zone Clinic where they achieved their first canter, much to both of their surprise. Franklin also enjoyed some jumping and proved to be quite the keen jumper.

“This horse has a bright future. He is a lanky, goofy, clown, with the best nature and a wonderful work ethic,” said Michelle fondly.

Michelle hopes to continue establishing Franklins basics, develop his love for jumping, and dabble in some cross country along the way. Overall, the main priority is to maintain a happy and healthy horse, while enjoying their time together in the process.

OTTWA wish Michelle and Colorado Springs all the best for their adventures together.