Cassius Grey at Rockingham Beach Races

From The Track and Back; Cassius Grey Returns as Clerk of Course

Cassius Grey has two race track careers to his name; successful race horse and Clerk of the Course horse! The 2003 gelding won $110,915 across 44 starts across five wins, nine seconds and four thirds under trainer Warren Radford until he retired in 2010. At this time Cassius found his way into Trainer Jade Tangaroa’s paddock. Jade and Cassius are now a familiar team at the Ascot, Belmont and Lark Hill racecourses.

A friend of Jade’s, also a Clerk of Course, kept her eye on Cassius while he was racing and made sure he retired in one of Jade’s paddocks.

Although he’s happy working anywhere, Jade says she thinks he quietly likes Belmont the most.

While enjoying his new job Cassius still makes time to say hi to his old trainer.

“He also enjoys seeing his racing trainer and son at the tracks (Warren and Rhys Radford) and I think they really enjoy seeing him there all the time too.”

Although Cassius made them work to bring it out, Warren saw ability and potential in the horse. Warren affectionately recounts that Mickey was, what he refers to as, an “annoying” horse who always required extra attention around the stables and at the races. All the hard work paid off though, Cassius had five wins he had with the Radford’s, the highlight being his win on the 20 June 2009 at Belmont over a 2000m distance.


Jade says Cassius picked up his change in role quickly due to his sensible and trainable nature.

“It didn’t take him long to learn, he enjoys just standing there watching the racehorses jump from the gates and watching them run.”

Clerk horses need to be smart, sensible, able to react quickly to a variety of situations and have a calm demeanour.

“Cassius is all these things and more, he also watches the horses while they are racing and knows exactly where to put me when we need to catch a horse or if a horse is playing up, he will put himself wherever needed to stay with that horse, he does this on his own and just knows what to do all the time,” Jade said.

“I think Cassius would be able to do the job without me on his back!”

Trust between a Clerk horse and rider is an important part in their relationship and comes in handy when a horse decides their race isn’t done. Jade and Cassius have some exciting stories to tell.

“He’s done some pretty great catches in his time as a Clerk horse, I know 110% I can trust him in any circumstance, I’ve had to let go of my reins at a full gallop when catching a loose horse and I have full trust in him and know he will keep me safe and keep us both on track when doing so.”


The grey’s quirky nature makes him a well-loved character at the track.

“A few times when I’ve taken too long putting everything back in my car after taking off all his gear after the races and I’ve looked up and he’s walking himself back into the races. We always go back in to wash our horses off and log out, he’s even walked himself to the wash bay at Belmont after trials and waited for me there.” Jade said.


But Cassius isn’t just a two-trick-pony, he’s run in the Blackwood Marathon a number of times with success, and even popped over a jump or two.


Chris Radford, Warren’s wife, says seeing the horse so content and happy with Jade means a lot to them.

“He’s found his niche in life and we could not be happier that he is enjoying his second career after racing. Warren and Rhys love their horses, that is why they work with them and to see these horses enjoying a happy retirement after their racing career has ended is very important to them and satisfying.”


Jade says Cassius has found his calling and they’ll enjoy their time on the track together until he’s ready to retire.

“He loves his job and he is my absolute world, we will keep working together at the races until he tells me he wants to retire and when that day comes he will continue to be pampered at home and live out his days in luxury.”


  • Cassius and Jade at the Rockingham Beach Cup

  • Cassius Grey ridden by Jade Tangoroa

  • Cassius Grey ridden by Jade Tangoroa