Born Regal | Off to A Flying Start!

This 2010 Testa Rossa gelding had 48 starts on the track for four wins, three seconds and six thirds. Trained for most of his racing starts by Fenella Martin and Justin Warwick, Born Regal retired in 2018 with $56,527 in earnings.

Born Regal, also known as “Strawberry,” after his Strawberry Hill Stud brand, was first brought on by Amber Ritchie. Together they evented up to 85cm before Amber found herself lacking time to invest in training Strawberry. In 2021, Jade Donald came across Strawberry’s sale ad and took him home soon after, beginning work immediately to build their relationship.

Jade describes Strawberry as a real dude. He has a laid back and relaxed nature, and thoroughly enjoys spending time with his humans. Strawberry also insists that after every ride he must have a roll and enjoys napping in his carefully dug out dirt patch.

“It took us a good twelve months to really click and understand each other, as he is a very lazy boy and tries to get away with the bare minimum.” Jade commented.

Once Strawberry and Jade began to work together, the talented gelding began to show his true potential. Although it may take him a few attempts to understand what is being asked, Strawberry tries very hard to please. He has proven to be a cool-headed individual who does not get flustered or lost when working through difficult scenarios. This has been something that has helped Jade produce Born Regal to 95cm eventing, with the aim to continue onward to 1* and beyond.

Jade is focused on aiming for 1* eventing classes, with a recent win in the EvA95cm OTT class at the 2023 South West Horse Trials, a win in the EvA95 OTT class at Capel HPC CCN and a third placing in the EvA95 OTT class at WAYER International Horse Trials. Jade fondly recalled her greatest accomplishment with Strawberry being his first 95cm class at Swan River Horse Trials in 2022 where the pair came home with their first 95 win.

“Long term, I would love to ride him at Equestrian in the Park and possibly Melbourne International Three-Day Event. However, we are both still learning and I am just happy to see what we can achieve in the near future,” said Jade.

OTTWA wish Born Regal and Jade all the best for their future endeavors!

Fun Fact: Born Regal shares dam, Miss Mooney Mooney with well-known WA show horse, Berry Baby. Miss Mooney Mooney herself won $242, 250 before retiring in 2007. Read Berry Babys story here!

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