Amber Hana | It’s an Easy Life for Abbey

Startac mare, Amber Hana, entered the world in September of 2013. Bred by St. Jude Pastoral Corp, Amber Hana began her racing career with trainer, Summer Dickson in late 2018. Following five starts, Amber Hana proved to be better suited to a life off the track and retired in early 2019. Following retirement, Amber Hana was rehomed.

Known around the stables as “Abbey”, this beautiful bay mare has settled into a far quieter lifestyle following her racing starts. Having moved around a few homes following retirement, Abbey was rehomed to her forever home with Maddison Wilson in late 2021. With Maddy, Abbey slowly transitioned into her off the track career with help from those around them.

Abbey proved to be a talented mount, with a flowing stride and trainable nature. Maddy took Abbey back to the basics to build confidence that was lacking, and although it has not been a linear process, the pair have formed a strong connection and foundation. Maddy describes Abbey as an inquisitive, stubborn but loving mare who will give anything a go.

“She will jump anything you point her at, even though it’s not my strong suit,” Maddy commented. “It has been a great challenge owning Abbey, and testing at times, but incredibly rewarding.”

Abbey is described as a forward and sensitive mare, which has forced Maddy to adapt her riding style. Despite this, the pair have found common ground and had a lot of fun working together in their first year. After their first competition, Maddy focused on gaining Abbeys confidence off property by frequently trail riding around Darling Downs and other facilities along with a friend. This proved very beneficial, as the next time Maddy and Abbey competed, Abbey behaved impeccably at the 2022 SPPHAWA State Thoroughbred Championships to come away with many ribbons and placings.

“Abbey coped with the atmosphere tremendously at our last show compared to our first, which was a massive win for me. Overall, seeing how far she has come has been our greatest accomplishment so far,” Maddy said.

Taking time off from riding Abbey to focus on her new career as a nurse and her second horse, Abbey currently lives on Maddy’s family farm enjoying a far more pampered and relaxed lifestyle and comes out only for beach trips—which she loves. Maddy hopes to bring her back slowly into work eventually, with the intention to turn her into a show horse and dressage mount. In the meantime, Abbey is more than happy to enjoy her life of luxury with her paddock mate, Gem.

OTTWA wish Abbey and Maddy all the best for their future together.

  • Vickiphotos Photography