Welcome to the OTTWA Herd Heroes

We are excited to launch Herd Heroes, a new Off the Track WA initiative exclusive to all owners with OTTWA Passport registered horses.


Current and new Passport holders will have access to discounts and amazing offers from these national and local equine businesses.


To claim, screenshot your passport page or provide your horse’s Passport ID number to the business and start spoiling your four-legged friend!


The fun doesn’t stop there! Further discounts and free packs available for any horse sold through the OTTWA Retraining & Rehoming Program from July 2nd 2023. Everything you could need to get started with your new horse.

The Expression of Interest submission form is open again should any other businesses want to get involved – Click HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact us at offthetrackwa@rwwa.com.au 


The OTTWA Herd Heroes are:


Discounts for OTTWA Passport Holders / Retraining & Rehoming Program or Official Retrainers
Equestricare Pty Ltd www.equestricare.com.au  www.facebook.com/equestricare @equestricare
Poseidon Animal Health www.poseidonthoroughbred.com www.facebook.com/poseidonequine @poseidonequine
HorseRecords www.horserecords.info/join_via/ottwa/ www.facebook.com/horserecords  @horserecords.app
Horseland WA Bunbury www.facebook.com/horselandbunburywa @horselandbunbury
Kelmscott www.facebook.com/horselandkelmscott  @horselandkelmcott
Midland www.facebook.com/horseland.midland @horselandmidland
Perth www.facebook.com/horseland.perth 
Cavalor Equicare www.cavalorequicare.com www.facebook.com/cavalorequicare @cavalorequicare
Dental Vet Pty Ltd www.dentalvet.com.au  www.facebook.com/dentalvet  @dental_vet77
Equine Therapy Products www.equinetherapyproducts.com.au  www.facebook/equinetherapyproducts @equinetherapyproducts
Leader Equine www.leaderequine.com.au  www.facebook.com/leader_equine @leader_equine
WA Stockfeed Supply www.facebook.com/wastockfeedsupply
Pimbury Equine www.pimburyequine.com.au  www.facebook.com/pimburyequineau @pimburyequine_au
Dark Horse Halters and Leads www.facebook.com/darkhorsehalters 
Kentucky Equine Research www.ker.com  www.facebook.com/kertargetednutrition @kertargetednutrition
www.facebook.com/kentuckyequineresearch  @kyequineresearch
TeleMedVET www.telemedvet.net www.facebook.com/telemedvet @telemedvet
Realign Equine www.facebook.com/realignequine @realignequine
Secret Womens Business (WA) www.swb.media  www.facebook.com/secretwomensbusinesswa @secretwomensbusinesswa
Ebony Equine Fitness www.equinefitness.com.au  www.facebook.com/equineconditioning @ebonyequinefitness
Spooks Riding Australia https://www.spooksriding.com.au  www.facebook.com/spooksriding.com.au @spooksridingaustralia
Performance Equine Sports Medicine www.facebook.com/PerformanceChiropracticandVetservices


Lots more information to follow!