OTTWA Sponsored Event Awards

The Off the Track WA (OTTWA) Sponsored Event Awards aim to recognise and reward clubs and organisations for encouraging retired racehorses to participate in their competitions. With these awards, OTTWA is pleased to acknowledge the hard work invested into these events, and the enthusiasm shown for thoroughbreds and standardbreds enjoying their second careers.

Every OTTWA sponsored event during the February 2021 to July 2021 period will automatically be included in the initiative. There will be five categories; Eventing, Show Jumping, Show Horse and Breed Show, and Other Disciplines (see Terms and Conditions below for details). The winner of each category will receive a Certificate of Recognition and $250 for their club or organisation.

The Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to the club hosting the event in their category with the highest percentage of thoroughbreds and standardbreds (collectively) holding an OTTWA Passport. For example, if the event has 200 entries, and 50 of those are retired racehorses with a valid OTTWA Passport, that event’s OTT participation is 25%.

Terms & Conditions

The event must be accepted as a sponsored event by Off the Track WA.

The first day of the event must fall between 1 February 2021 and 31 July2021.

Included in all sponsorship agreements is the requirement to collect the Horse Passport ID numbers from competitors. The event must provide these Horse ID Numbers for those numbers to be counted towards the event’s total.

To ensure all events are given an equal chance to receive the Certificate of Recognition, events which accept only off the track horses are not eligible. If there is one or more off the track only class within an event that allows entry of all breeds, these numbers will still qualify.

For events with several distinct disciplines such as Agricultural Shows with Dressage, Show Jumping and Show Horse classes, the disciplines will be considered separately. The event representative will be required to submit the overall class numbers for each discipline so they are distinct from each other.

To be eligible, a representative for each event must complete the OTTWA Sponsored Event Feedback Survey by 9 August 2021. We encourage the representative to submit the survey as soon as possible.

Discipline categories:

  • Eventing
  • Show Horse and Breed Show
  • Dressage
  • Show Jumping
  • Other Disciplines – this category includes, but is not exclusive to; Hickstead, Jump Cross, Gymkhanas, Showman, Barrel Racing, and Polo.